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CUFE is brand providing diversified design cutlery to customers. In order to have more people can buy our products, we look for the U.S. local agent or distributors to work together to have more users can buy our color cutlery easily. All of the color cutlery is design by our mother company in Taiwan. It is hard to find similar in the market which means your have differentiation products to have you customers to come to you. Because of the unique design, you can have better profit than selling other cutlery with very traditional design. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question. We look forward to building long term partnership with you soon.


1. Welcome to CUFE (11/29/2017)


CUFE, Cutlery Festival, is a brand to provide diversified plastic cutlery for takeaway food. You can find our cutlery in bakery, ice cream shops, public events or wedding banquet. Our strength is our cutlery will become a plus for the meal and help shops create more memory points for their brands.

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