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Popular Material for Plastic Cutlery and Cups

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     Plastic # 5   PP (Polypropylene) 

■ Hot Food  ■ Food in Room Temperature   ■ Oil   ■ Alcoholic

PP (Polypropylene) is typically found in food containers like yogurt containers. Many plastic spoons or forks are also made of PP beacuse of its mateirla characteristics of acid and alkali resistant, chemical substances resistant, crash-proof, high temperature resistance. PP has nature of heat-resisting up to  212°C ~ 248°C or 100°C ~ 120°C. It is the most suitable material for standard size plastic tableware and plastic coffee lid.

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Plastic # 6   PS (Polystyrene) 

■ Food in Room Temperature   

PS (Polysttyrene) is found in disposbale cutlery, disc cases, meat trays and disposable cups and plates. The mateiral is with nature of heat-resisting to 140°F or 60°C. Foaming PS is also called styrofoam, which was manufactured by adding foaming agent during its process to achieve the expansionn of volume by twenty to one-hundred times, and can be used for packing material or container. it is neither suitable for filling in with boiling water and fried foodstuff, nor for beverages with alcohol or citrus fruit. Available Products:Disposable snack or dessert cutlery.

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     Plastic # 1   PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate

■ Food in Room Temperature  ■ Alcoholic

PET is usually used to make soda and water bottle. It is also found in beer cups or cold beverage cups. It has the characteristics of high clarity and is with the nature of heat-resisting to 140°F or 60°C. as well as acid and alkali resistant

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     Plastic # 7   PLA  (Polylactic acid)

■ Food in Room Temperature  ■ Oil  ■ Alcoholic

PLA is biodegradbale material derived from the renewable source  such as corn starch or other plants instead of petroleum hydrocarbons. Discarded PLA products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganism existing in soil and then further became starch through photosynthesis. In recenty years, PLA is widely used as a decompostable packaging material to reduce the impact to the enviroment.                         


CUFE, Cutlery Festival, is a brand to provide diversified plastic cutlery for takeaway food. You can find our cutlery in bakery, ice cream shops, public events or wedding banquet. Our strength is our cutlery will become a plus for the meal and help shops create more memory points for their brands.

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