5.3 inch Heavy Duty Color Plastic Spoon and Fork Design Spork


CUFE 5.3 inch heavy duty color plastic spoon and fork design spork is the cutlery with both spoon and fork function. It is a heavy duty dessert cutlery or the cutlery for small children in family restaurants. The color plastic spork is very strong and durable. Many customers buy the spork for their icy or ice cream because of its fork design scoop making scooping the hard ice cream easily. Some buy thespork as the cutlery for takeout meal because its size fit in most of the food container. The heavy duty spork is also both hot food and cold food safe. Try the spork and you will love it.

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·        Length: 15.3" / 13.5 cm

·        Weight: 5 g

·        Material: PP

·        Color: Pink, Green, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Customized

Packing Information

·        MPQ: 2000 pcs (50 pcs*40 bags/carton)

·        MOQ: 100 Carton

·        Carton Size(cm): 53*32.5*16

·        Case Volume: 0.972 Cuft 0.0276 CBM

·        N.W.: 10.2 kg

·        G.W.: 10.7 kg

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CUFE, Cutlery Festival, is a brand to provide diversified plastic cutlery for takeaway food. You can find our cutlery in bakery, ice cream shops, public events or wedding banquet. Our strength is our cutlery will become a plus for the meal and help shops create more memory points for their brands.

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