3 inch Color Plastic New Design Ice Cream Spoon and Spork


The 3 inch color plastic new design ice cream spoon and spork is CUFE's latest design spork in the year. The plastic ice cream spork is design for the ice cream or yogurt, especially for those that has very tough or hard surface. The fork design spork make dig the ice cream easily. The small ice cream almost fit in the cups above 4 oz volume. There are nine colors for customers's options. The colors of the ice cream spork almost perfectly match all kinds of ice cream or cup design and adding value to your sweets. Your dessert will surprise you customers, and the spork will make them to remember you more.

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·        Length: 3" / 8 cm

·        Weight: 1.5 g

·        Material: PS

·        Color: Pearl, RaspBerry, BubbleGum, SunFlower, Mint, Forest, LemonGrass, Lavender, Black

Packing Information

·        MPQ: 2520 pcs (210 pcs*12 bags/carton)

·        MOQ: 100 Carton

·        Carton Size(cm):  50*18.8*17.5

·        Case Volume: 0.581 Cuft 0.016 CBM

·        N.W.: 3.7 kg

·        G.W.: 4.2 kg

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CUFE, Cutlery Festival, is a brand to provide diversified plastic cutlery for takeaway food. You can find our cutlery in bakery, ice cream shops, public events or wedding banquet. Our strength is our cutlery will become a plus for the meal and help shops create more memory points for their brands.

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